Survival is the Ability to Swim in Strange Water.....

Hello all.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  I have been working on a new set of 15mm scifi rules and am very excited to start talking about it.  In conjunction with Stan Johansen's line of 15mm Scifi figures I introduce.....Trilaterum

Set thousands of years in the future,  mankind has started to colonize other planets.  In doing so they have encountered many friendly as well as hostile species.  Inevitably, was has broken out on many worlds and all sides strive to win in the name of their respective species.  
I will be basing the game on Stan Johanson's Star Armour line of 15mm sci fi figures, but there will be army building rules to enable you to use whatever figures you see fit and enjoy the system.  

Some of the highlights will include

- integrated turns
- d8 system
- suppression and reactive fire components
- a unique firing sequence that rewards intestinal fortitude
- Stands take damage markers that will accumulate over time, causing decreased readiness and eventual loss of stands
- will have a full army creation system to allow any figures to be used with the system
So check back here for updates and also on my facebook page.

Here are a few pics of some of Stan's Figures I have been working on.


  1. Nice work Tim, I have a ton of his Colonial troops bought several years ago from Force XXI miniatures, haven't gotten around to painting them yet...Oh you might like to
    know that Ground Zero Games Colonial Defence Force (CDF)
    troops mix in very nicely and have heavy weapons!

  2. I am adding in army lists to support other manufacturers as well as an army generation system so you can use any models you want.


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