The use of Force is Always an Answer to Problems...

Hello all.  Sorry for the hiatus have been pretty mello hobby wise, but its time to jump back in with both feet.  To that end last night we played a game of Hammers Slammers the Crucible in 15mm. It was a blast.  I really enjoyed the rules.

We ended up playing  4000 points per side.  The slammers side had a blower troop, a combat car troop, and 2 infantry troops.

I played the lighting division early list using my near future British and matchbox transports.  I had 3 detachments 1 armored and 2 infantry.  

So with that said we set up forces.  We did a blow the other guy up scoring points for each TU destroyed.  

I was super excited to pull out some of my 15mm terrain I had made last year.  It really looked cool on the table.  

So after dicing off I started the advance with my armored detachment moving up the left flank.  

Bob's combat cars started advancing with he infantry troops.

The dreaded blower tanks.  These things are massive and extremely hard to destroy.  The only thing that I had that could take them out on their front armor was the 3 Kraus medium tanks I had so my work was cut out for me. 

The first turn had almost no fire so we moved onto the 2nd.  The blowers are now advancing into firing range.

The slammers move to get into occupying positions on that building.  this proved hugely successful for Bob as once hunkered down we could not get them out.

Our infantry elements start moving up and disembarked from their vehicles to engage.  

Those combat cars are infantry killers.  lol  Buzz Buzz went their tribarrels.

Trying for some lucky shots on some side armor on those blowers.  The Kraus tanks took out the the lead blower in a lucky shot.

The infantry are not faring so well.....

The gamble paid off as I was able to take out the  blowers that turn with fire from the Light tanks on its flank.

Despite some good shots, The hammers massacred the bulk of our forces and we considered it time for a tactical retreat.  

A great time was had by all...



  1. Well documented.
    First NYear resolution, to get my Hammers painted up. I already have some opposition, but they have been sat in the cupboard for way too long.

  2. Replies
    1. OK, I've now been back to look at this twice more. You are a bad man and not helping me resist the lure of 15mm Slammers...

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