By the Toll of a Billion Deaths Man has Bought his Birthright of the Earth......

Another Tuesday has come and gone and we have another All Quiet on the Martian Front battle report for you.  So with the stage set we started to define the scenario.

The Martians have taken the city of Fort Smith, Arkansas and the troops stationed at Camp Pike are mounting a counter attack.

Here the Martians are milling around the City trying to rout any remaining humans to add to their food supply. The victory conditions are simple.  The humans need to have a unit in the center of town (the center point of the main road)  with no Martians within 6" of that point at the end of the 8th turn.  Any US Armored Unit that is completely destroyed  may roll on the reserve table the next turn to denote the proximity of the Military post.  So it was an uphill battle for the US as they need to completely destroy or push the Martians out of the center of town.

The Americans started their advance across the board to take back their City.  

2nd Movement and the US has an impressive force moving across the board.  

The Martians have spotted the US forces and have started to advance to destroy.  The first turn had some brutal tank casualties for the US losing quite a few tanks.

After some loses the US forces continue their movement towards the city.  In spectacular fashion the US score a single point of damage on a scout tripod.  Its looking rough for the US.

Pressing the attack the Martians move through the city.

Richard and Frank were discussing tactics.  The US has started to move closer towards the city getting a few shots in and causing a few points of damage.  

In a roar of  thunder, the rough riders charge forward and put two immobilized tokens on the assault tripod.  

The infantry charged the scout tripod on the bottom of the board and in huge upset score a damage, explode the the tripod and vaporize the entire squad.  Way to go!  30 points vs 150 points is a good trade.

Drawing a bead on the Martian tripods. 

Coming to the rescue, new squads of tank reinforcements move towards the town. in another spectacular turn of shooting, the US destroy the middle tripod, causing a mushroom cloud explosion that takes out ALL the tanks within 6".  GOOD SHOW

All but two tripods are left and things are looking grim for the Martians. With a array of shots, another Assault Tripod goes down. 

Down tot he last flurry of shots, the last damaged tripod with 6 damage already on it, survives the entire volley as rich in rare form missed every shot.  

The Martians pull out the WIN!!!!  

Great game with Richard, Frank, Ted and Adam.  

Next time we will showcase some new units and feature some hidden and scout movement.



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