Like children, they need to be reminded of the order of things.......

So last night we fought our first Of Gods and Mortals game.  We had a blast.  The system is a lot of fun and easy to learn/play.  I think we worked most of the kinks out last night.  I showed up with my Cthulhu warband and Bob had his Norse.  

 Here you can see the after deployment setup.  I had Cthulhu, Deep One, Gug, Shoggoth, 2 units of cultists, 1 Unit of flying Eldrich Demons, and a unit of 2 Shoggoth spawns. 

  Bob had Heimdall, 3 Valkeries, a Dvergar Weaponsmith 2 units of berzerkers, and 1 unit of bowmen,

We wasted no time with Bob getting initiative  With some unlucky rolls a Valkyrie charged the unit of Flying Demons and was defeated, only to be Charged by the unit of Berserkers and and taking casualties.

Play moved on with the Shoggoth losing battle, but staying on the board and only being knocked down.  the other two Valkyries was able to make it to the demons and between the two of them finished them off.

After a disastrous start, Cthulhu died on a very bad charge of the bowmen and was killed (GASP)  he was able to be re-summonedand ended up killing Heimdall, the Dvergar Weaponsmith and charged into the bowmen.  

The berzerkers are successful in re-summoning Heimdall and he gets ready to attack the cultists.

Cthulhu dispatches the Archers.  You can see the pile of the dead rising

With my unit of cultists dead and the other unit under siege my only hope was to destroy the last unit of Berzerkers, as with no mortals on the table I would score the win.  The Spawn, however, failed all 3 of their activation checks and enabled Heimdall to get into melee with the unit of cultists on the other side of the table due to a reaction.  

With a fatal swing, Heimdall dispatches the last cultists, scoring a win for Bob.  

Some of the dead piling up on the side of the table.

All in all the game was an absolute hit.  Fast to play and just full of interaction between both of us.  I find this the best part of the system.  You were always rolling, reacting, activating.  Very little down time.  So of Gods and Mortals is a Keeper in my book!  :)


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