What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

As promised last time Are pics of my Chaos Dwarf army.  I have assembled this army over many many years and am very prod of the conversions and unique old models in my force.  enjoy!

A nice big block of Warriors with shields and hand weapons.  Lots of old Marauder miniatures and GW plastic dwarves with Chaos warrior heads.  In the center is a nice cloaked Sorcerer and a converted dwarf engineer to his right

Some Great Weapon guys again Marauder and Plastics

More Shield hand weapon guys with my favorite hatchet warrior champion!  

Fear the CLEAVER!!!!

Some more great weapon guys and another sorcerer in the middle


 A Converted White Dwarf miniature now for the HASHUT!

Converted Blunderbusses

The dreaded Lammasu.  I put a space on the base for the rider to walk along side instead of ridden so I can use it with any of my foot guys.

My Converted boar centaurs and their Hero.  I used a dragon ogre upper body and the Bull Taurus as his body.  The "Boar" centaurs are actually plastic boars with dwarf bodies and green stuff.  I had to make some base adapters as they changed the base size in the new book.

One of my Deathrocket conversion of old Marauder miniatures.  Rocket launcher doom!

Another Rocket Launcher


Another Deathrocket this a type of swivel gun

Another one this time a ugly mortar type look


The inevitable Hellcannon!

Another Hellcannon Shot



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