You Apes Want to Live Forever??????

Warhammer 40K.....One of my first Miniature games back int he 90's  I remember trying for a long time to resist and crumbling utterly when I was working at a game shop in Alabama in my Army  days.  Its been through many re0iterations and I still play occasionally to this day. So withot further delay I present,


So the stage was set with 4500 points per side we had Don playing Imperial Fists, Dennis playing Dark Angels, and Chris playing Ultramarines.  On the EVIL side was me playing my Relictors Space Marines with Inquisitorial Allies (They had been excommunicated for using Daemon weapons, though they are not officially Chaos), Al PLaying Legion of the Damned, and Scott playing Chaos Space Marines of the Nurgle Flavor. ( God that must taste HORRIBLE).  The stage was set.  the mission was to capture and hold the two objectives on either side of the table.  

My Relictors in With Al's Plague Zombies and Scott's Chaos

More Relictors Specifically the Inquisitorial Contingent 

Guarding the Flank More Relictors

Don's Imperial Fists Very Nicely painted

Dennis's's Dark Angels and Chris's Ultramarines.  Both good looking armies.  Chirst Ultramarines were right out of the Old Ultramarines codex.  Very Cool.

More Imperial Fists

Scott's Chaos and Al's Legion.  Sore really cool conversion work on the Chaos both defilers screamed bloated burgle foulness.

The rest of the Legion Guarding the right Flank.  Al had some great conversion in there with Spawns, Plague Zombies  and a cool mounted Lord

The Dark Angels Advance down the street to the first objective. While the Ultramarines bring up the rear on foot.

The advance of the plague zombies commences as they shamble across the board trying to guard the objective.

 One of the ravenwing speeders moved over to support the advance of the Ultramarines.

Templats came crashing down as the Defiler shot at the advancing forces.

The Imperial Advance continues as Don cautiously brings his forces across the table.

Making thier way tot he objective the tactical squad seems very pleased, getting ready to assault the Rhino

The inquisitors advacne through the oil refinery, while the dreadnaught was unfortunately immobilized.  He still has plenty of things to shoot at though.

Witht he destruction of the Rhino, the plague advances forward assaulting the Tactical squad with the help of the Plague Zombies and the Relictors. Don bring his assault squad in and they are cut down by the combined power of the forces of chaos.  In the end the land raider and devastator squad prove too much for the chaplain and the Relictors squad

The dreadnought manages to destroy the razorback and the squad kills a few of the guys in side after Immobilizing and killing a ravenwing speeder ont he edge of the building.  The inquisitorial contingent gets stuck with some slow advancing rolls through the refinery.  

More advancing by the Plague Zombies and Legion of the damned  Unfortunately both defilers are knocked out pretty quick  so the chaos side had to rely on a lot of advancing into the enemy's threat zone

Not in pictures was the EPIC struggle between Don's terminators and librarian with Scotts Nurgle Marines and lord.  in the end the librarian was killed claiming their warlord soul for chaos.

At the end of the battle the Dark angels manages to crush most of the right flank and score that objective while the Chaos claimed the other.  It ended up being a minor victory for them since we each had an objective and they got first blood and deployment zone and we got their warlord so they won by one point.  All in all a great game. 


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