Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last battlestar, Galactica, leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest...a shining planet known as Earth.

SO as promised earlier here is the updated battlestar rules.  They have become more of a mishmash of a few rules sets but I think the new damage system makes it flow a lot better.

BSG Rules

I have incorporated Spartans exploding dice mechanic and removed the critical damage table for one that is a little less burdensome.

try them out let me know what you think


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ah Well.....Who wants to live forever??? DIVE!!!!!!!

More random weekend.  Mostly monstrous beasties for my 15mm scifi to fight against.  Plus the off terrain and an orc shaman I did for a little contest with my friends.

First up is the test mini paint scheme for my Old Gkory Averums  These guys look pretty cool.  

The back of the Averum.

Test Scheme for my Old Glory Robot Legion Velon Skirmishers.  These are dead ringers for Falling Skies mechs.

Test Scheme for Old Glory Robot Legion Legionaires. 

Mudman I have no Idea the company I got them in a trade.

Another Mudman

Loving these Westwind Yetis.  They paint up really nice.  

Another Westwind Yeti

And a third

This is a Fire Elemental from Westwind's Dwarf Wars.  Looks pretty cool

Some Easter Island head Terrain from Wind Sword I bought At Fall In.  I did not realize till I got them home they were just plaster so I has to base them all to ensure they would not break.  In the background is the legion of robots to paint.  :)

Standing Heads.

Broken on the ground Heads.  They were super cheap so I am not so worried that they were just plaster.

A Mantic Orc Shaman.  I experimented with some new inks as well as a light effect on the base.  very happy with the results


Light effect

So that was my weekend.  Next up is finishing the robot legions and then maybe some Deadzone figures.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Klytus, I'm bored. What play thing can you offer me today?

So many different projects have been on my table lately so here is a smattering of them and what they are for.  I am very excited to finally be putting my Quar 15mm miniatures from Zombiesmith onto the painting table. Coming soon to a Blog near you.  So until then here is a bunch of stuff I have been working on in no particular order.

A reaper Bones Werewolf I picked up to experiment with some new inking techniques.  I think he came out well.   I was happy with the skin tone I was able to get.

Some Mantic Basillean's  I was experimenting with inked mettalics here and also with a new snow mixture that I think I went a little overboard with.  less is more I am thinking.  

My Ronin Bushi.  I went with a martial artist band using Miniatures from Old Glory, West Wind, and L5R.

This is an Old Glory  US Marine circa 1890's for use with In Her Majesties name. No base done casue I have yet to decide on the basing theme.  

Some Architects of War terrain from Fanticide.  Shriking crystals and an Obo.  I experimented with the new GW Technical paint Nurgle's Rot in the bubbling pool

This is an elemental form the Dwarf Wars range that I am going to use as a 15mm Alien creature.

A Yeti fromt eh West wind range for use as a 15mm abomination

These are Blue Moon Twanax.  They will be used as 15mm larger alien shock troops

This is a Dark Age Games Brood Hound for another Monstrous beasty

Some Blue Moon Nevis form their 15mm alien range.

So that's it for the moment.  


Thursday, January 16, 2014

There can be NO survivors. So long as one human remains alive, the Alliance is threatened.

So I finally dusted off the ships and finished off the last of my BSG fleets.  I will update my rules in a future blog post once I get all my notes together.  Until then here are the fleets.  As before these are Ravenstar Studios Ships.

Some Major reinforcements for the Colonial fleets.  6 new Ships

Victory Cruiser

A 2nd Hunter Cruiser

The Heavily armored enormous Artemis Heavy Battlestar

Vanguard Gunstar

A Valhala Battlestar

A Tiger Destroyer

Not to be left out the Cylons got a few new ships as well/

The Terror Star

The Traxx Basestar

Happy with how they all came out and my fleets are definitely getting to the HUGE side.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Far across the Universe...with tribes of humans...who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians...or the Toltecs...or the Mayans...

So to complete my week Max agreed to playtest some more of my Call to Arms Battlestar Galactica Mod.  This is a heavily modified based off of the Babylon 5 Call to arms from Mongoose.  This tweak included lowering a values and including the exploding dice mechanic (Every 6 lets you roll and additional die).

These additions made it a heck of lot more fun as the last playtest session I did ended up in very little damage.

So the scene was set.  The colonial fleet was convoying around the planet to rendezvous with a settlement on the far moon.(The Colonials victory condition was to end a turn within 4" of the moon)  With their scanners jammed by the asteroid field, the Cylons moved in to destroy the Battlestar (That was the Victory condition of the Cylons)

The Field is set. Thanks to Bella for her science project Mars(Which I "Helped" to airbursh)

The Cylon Fleet.  That's a lot of ships.....

The unsuspecting Colonial fleet.

Those Basestars are HEAVY. 

Max loading up on dice.  The Basestar throws a lot of railgun shots.  He ended up crippling the Hecate cruiser in one volley.  That kid thew six after six..

Making contact.  Miraculously we had the asteroids do random movement and not ONE hit a Cylon ship...

That is all she wrote for the Hecate cruiser.  The others ships were able to start to move around the first moon.

Moving the Medusa up.  That ship proved to do well with the higher maneuverability.  I may need to restrict the Cylons more as all the ships are super maneuverable (able to move and turn as much as they want unlike the colonial ships)

The Battlestar and Warstar were able to put out considerable damage on the 2 Medusas and the Hydra.  

Look at them sixes.... :(


Not looking good for the Colonials.  The Battlestar has taken heavy damage as the smaller ships were unable to successfully screen it.  Plus those Medusas are right on my aft. 

The final roll.

The Battlestar Goes down and the fleet is doomed.  Notice the completely untouched Basestar on the far corner.  the fleet has no chance....

The Victory dance!

So what did we learn.  Super maneuverable needs to be restricted.  The exploding sixes as well as removing the critical table and just crippling (1/2 speed and AD at the damage threshold) I think made for a fun and fast game with a lot less record keeping.  The key is concentrating firepower.  So I will update the rules and try again.