Sunday, November 10, 2013

The most merciful thing in the world... is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents........

Say it with me folks......CTHULHU!!!

With that my gaming friends and I have decided to build Of Gods and Mortals War bands for our impending trip to Fall In.  

Of Gods and Mortals is the brainchild of Andrea Sfiligoi the author of Song of Blades and Heroes and is based off that system.  It really is a great and robust skirmish level system.  So always wanting to think outside the box, I decided to create a Cthulhu war band with the big guy as my God.  So without further ado....

UPDATE:  Here are the points and abilities I gave them  Warband

The War band in all its glory

Cthulhu himself.  I ended up using the small Eldritch demon from reaper.   

First legend is a Gug Eldritch Horror.  Again from reaper.

My Shoggoth and slimelings again both from reaper.

A Deep one using an Octopon form the Great White games 50 fathoms line.  

Cultists from Sgt. Major Miniatures.

More Cultists from Sgt. Major Miniatures.

Small Demons from Sgt. Major Miniatures.  

For the bases I used the Renendra large oval bases.  Unfortunately I was one short so I had to improvise cut one from hardboard.  The good part of that was I countersunk the base holes instead of using putty to make them.  I found it a lot cleaner.